Our History

Shorthorn cattle were developed as a breed in the late 1700’s, along the England/Scotland border lands. The first Shorthorn Herd Book was established in 1822. These hardy cattle were developed with larger frames and superior mothering ability. They produced above average quantities of milk and made powerful, docile oxen. These first forward thinking cattle breeders developed a breed which was destined to make a huge impact on the international scene. Shorthorn genetics have influenced most modern breeds of cattle.

  • Canadian Bull Congress
    01/27/2017 | Camrose

    Langco/Kueber Bull Sale
    02/10/2017 | Viking Auction Mart

    Red White & Roan Bull Sale
    03/24/2017 |

    Cowman's Advantage Shorthorn Bull & Female Sale
    04/01/2017 | Innisfail Auction Mart

    Annual General Meeting 2017
    06/10/2017 |