Schryver Farms: 2017 Commercial Breeder Of The Year

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July 30, 2018

Schryver Farms: 2017 Commercial Breeder Of The Year

We are Schryver Farms and we got into Shorthorns by accident.  Our first bull was purchased from Mel and Leroy Logan of Jarvie about 30-35 years ago.  We were dairy farming at the time and we were looking for easier calving for our Holstein heifers.  We were very pleased with the calving ease and the calves. So much so that we decided to keep all the heifer’s calves.  And so began our first herd of beef cows. These cows were all very quiet, easy to handle and raised large calves.  In 1997 we sold the dairy herd and concentrated on our beef herd.  We purchased various cows so we had a cross section of all breeds.  At that time we bought Shorthorn bulls from Allan Greenwood of Sangudo and Graigmuir Shorthorns of Barrhead.  The shorthorn cows in our herd simply stood out for mothering ability, milking ability, longevity and most off all, docility.  We also enjoyed the various colors and patterns especially when crossed with other breeds. The Shorthorn bulls we have used have been consistently quieter than other breeds of bulls we have used.

Our Son Brian joined our operation about 10 years ago and his Fiancée joined us about a year ago.  They also really like the Shorthorn cattle as well.  They join us in selling commercial heifers every year at the Cowman’s Advantage Sale in Innisfail.  In recent years we have purchased multiple bulls from Sharom Shorthorns.  We have also purchased bulls from Kenlene Shorthorns and Paintearth Shorthorns.  We have been very pleased with all of them and are calves compete very well at the auction mart.

We were quite surprised and very honored to receive Commercial Shorthorn Breeder Of The Year.  It is very nice to be recognized for something that we are passionate about and enjoy doing.  We would like to say thank-you to all those that felt we deserved this title.


The Schryvers