Eionmor Shorthorns (Morisons)Legends Of The Breed 2018

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December 5, 2017
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March 8, 2019

Eionmor Shorthorns (Morisons)Legends Of The Breed 2018

Eionmor was first a member of the Canadian Shorthorn Association in 1949, and at their peak registered 230 purebreds.  Many, many years, Eionmor received recognition for having the highest number of registries in Canada.  Under the leadership of Robert & Ken Morison, the Eionmor show string were seen regularly in Red Deer, Olds and Armstrong, BC.  On a lesser basis they were in Calgary, and Vancouver.  Where ever there was a show, they tried to participate.  At one time, Stettler and Rimbey were on their circuit. If there was a local show, they tried to participate.

Robert & Ken were founding members of the Shorthorn Promotional Society.  This was formed to provide National Advertizing at a time when the Canadian Shorthorn Association was not able to do so.

Robert Morison was first elected as a Director for Alberta in 1977 or 78.  He also served as Alberta Fieldman for 7 years.

Ken was first elected as a Director in 1990 and served 14 to 17 years in this compacity, and one term as Alberta President.   Ken & his wife Virginia have attended 12 – 15 Canadian Annual meeting in Western Canada over the years.  Ken & Gene Foat worked for 10 years with the Bar U Ranch at Longview to coordinate the Shorthorn cattle on display at the ranch.  This herd certainly helped our Association’s financial outlook.

Robert Morison is married to Sylvia, and he has 2 children.  He attended Olds College for 2 years and took Agriculture Mechanics. In 2000, Robert received Citizen of the Year for Spruce View & District.  He was recently recognized by the Pipe Band.  Robert’s community affiliations are:

Elks for 40 years.   15 years at Local Community Center.  Church Board in town for 15 years.  Lead 4H for 10 years.  Was a member of the local curling club, and in the Pipe Band for 15 years.

Sylvia spent 10-15 years with the Tribunal Board (Nursing) and was a member of the Pip Band.

The Morison Family was Nominated for Farm Family of The Year in Innisfail.  This was a great honor just to be nominated.

Ken Morison with wife Virginia have 4 children.  He attended Red Deer College and took Business Administration.  Ken was in Elks for 40 years and served one term as Alberta President .   15 yrs with the local Community Center.  Served with Seniors Housing in Caroline for 15 yrs.  And was a 4H Leader for 10-15 years.

Virginia has served on the Church Board for 25 years.  Was a Brownie & Guide Leader and 4H Leader.

It is with great honor that the Alberta Shorthorn Association nominates Eionmor Stock Farm and by extension Robert & Ken Morison for Legends of the Breed in 2018.