Shorthorn Commercial Breeder Award 2018

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July 30, 2018
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Shorthorn Commercial Breeder Award 2018

Each year the Alberta Shorthorn Association chooses one commercial cattle breeder to receive the Shorthorn Commercial Breeder Award. These are people who have chosen to use predominantly Shorthorn Genetics in their cattle herd. This year the recipients of this award are Jim & Bernadette Spearin and Jaret & Keeara King for their work in promoting Shorthorn genetics in their herd.

In 1972 Jim & Bernadette bought a white Shorthorn bull from the Edmonton Spring Show. For a number of years they used Shorthorn bulls on their commercial heifers and eventually started to use the Shorthorn on their Simmental cows, retaining the heifers. This cross has made a superior cow which now makes up their commercial herd of 300 cows.

They start calving in mid January and find that the Shorthorn cow fits their operation for a number of reasons. Their quiet disposition makes them so much easier to work with and these cows are fertile and cross very well with any breed. Their maternal strength is tremendous, and these cross bred calves have great coats.

Their son, Jaret, and his family have taken over the cattle operation last year. They will continue to use the Shorthorn influence in their commercial herd as it has proven to be a great choice. They are excited to use and promote the breed that has worked so well.

Congratulations to Jim & Bernadette Spearin and Jaret & Keeara King on being recipients of the Alberta Shorthorn Association Commercial Breeder of the Year for 2018. Thank you for choosing Shorthorn.